Article Indexes Online

  • Zentralblatt MATH: “The World’s Most Complete and Longest Running Abstracting and Reviewing Service in Pure and Applied Mathematics.”
  • Jahrbuch Database: Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics
  • EULER: Portal to Mathematics Publications
  • E-Print ArXiv: “A fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers. It covers areas such as mathematics, non-linear sciences, and computer science. Freely accessible for everyone.”
  • Project Euclid : “A user-centered initiative to create an environment for the effective and affordable distribution of serial literature in mathematics and statistics.

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CSUB Library Catalog ( Finding books in CSUB library)

Call number starting with QA can be found on the fourth level in the Library.

QA1-939 Mathematics

QA1-43 General

QA47-59 Tables

QA71-90 Instruments and machines

QA75-76.95 Calculating machines

QA75.5-76.95 Electronic computers. Computer science

QA76.75-76.765 Computer software

QA101-(145) Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic

QA150-272.5 Algebra

QA273-280 Probabilities. Mathematical statistics

QA299.6-433 Analysis

QA440-699 Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology

QA801-939 Analytic mechanics